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Irving Flores is an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger and music producer. Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Flores began his music studies at age 6 with organ. His father, Irving Flores Sr., was with the famed Orchestra Tampico, and it was from him, that young Irving began to learn saxophone and arranging. On one occasion, the Orchestra was surprised to discover that one of their arrangements was actually the work of the younger Irving Flores. While a teenager, Irving moved to Mexico City, switched to piano developing as a composer and arranger. In Spanish

At the University of Tampico and the National Music Conservatory of Mexico City, Flores continued his studies, learning to play, compose and arrange for instruments of the orchestra and small groups. Later on Flores continued studies in Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion, contemporary harmony, and jazz theory and improvisation, among other genres.

During the 1990’s, Flores reputation as a great pianist and arranger began to grow. He was chosen to be pianist and musical director by some of the greatest performers in Latin America:   Armando Manzanero, Luis Demetrio, Vincente Garrido, Willie Colon, Tania Libertad, Eugenia Leon and Paullina Rubio.  He has toured Europe, the USA, Central and South America performing, arranging and directing for TV, Radio and Concerts. 

In 1995, he received a sponsorship with Yamaha to give clinics and workshops throughout Mexico, later earning an Emmy Award for his work on the music video “All Together”, featuring some of Mexico’s greatest Jazz artists.

He has performed with Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rene Camacho, Andi Senesi, Cuba’s “El Negro” Hernandez, Gilbert Castellanos, Peter Sprague,  Binational Mambo Orchestra, Duncan Moore, Rob Thorsen, Danny Weller,Alejandro Carballo,  Monsoon, Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra and the legendary trombonist Bill Watrous. 

In 2009, Flores was asked to step in for famed pianist and director Oscar Hernandez for a show in Mexico City with the renowned Spanish Harlem Orchestra.  He was also flown back to Mexico for an arranging and  recording date with the one-and-only Armando Manzanero. His music arrangements also include a “Tribute to Frank Sinatra”, performed by the San Diego Chamber Orchestra,  an arrangement for strings for Luis Miguel, and an orchestral arrangement of a Dave Scott composition for the San Diego Youth Symphony. 

His most significant recordings and production work in his musical career include: La Rumarosa (with Estaban Favela). ,Simply Sacha, featuring Sacha Boutros. Nutville, featuring the Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra, Oceano Featuring Arinda Caballero, La Vida ese Parentesis with Tania Libertad and Willie Colon ,Armando La Libertad, with Armando Manzanero and Tania Libertad, Out on the Street, with Dave Scott, The Federal Jazz Project music from the Gilbert Castellanos score and Recuerdos, original compositions by Irving Flores. Irving Flores is living and working in San Diego and has celebrated the release of his CD Recuerdos, which was nominated for Best World Album at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards. Recorded at Hiro Ikezi Studio at the Ikezi Music Foundation, Recuerdos features his original compositions and is a tribute to Flores' musical roots. In 2012, Irving Flores was awarded the Jim Croce Music Award and the Piano Forte Award from California Music Studios. Currently he is is playing in the Federal Jazz Project with Gilbert Castellanos, RIchard Montoya and Sam Woodhouse at the Lyceum Theater. He is currently working on his new CD, American Influence with Thomas Anderson as executive producer, Evona Wascinski and Fernando Gomez,featuring Alex Acuna, Danilo Lozano,,Justo Almario,Gilbert Castellanos,Carlinhos,Alejandro Carballo, Peter Sprague, and more.